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Spike Milligan, was born Terence Milligan in India in 1918 and moved to South East London when his father retired from the Army. At the outbreak of WWII, he was an unskilled labourer at Woolwich Arsenal, playing trumpet at night in a jazz band. When his call-up came, he was sent to Italy and Tunisia with the Royal Artillery. It was during this time that he first met Harry Secombe. The pair kept in touch after the war and, at the Grafton Arms, met two other like-minded ex-servicemen, Michael Bentine and Peter Sellers. Under the tutelage of Jimmy Grafton, the four became an act and the Goon Show was born. Although Spike will be remembered most for writing and performing in nearly all the Goon Shows, he was a prolific writer with many volumes of children’s verse, war memoirs, and novels to his name, as well as several mould-breaking TV shows, and stage successes. The strain of the war and the pressure of writing took its toll on his health and he suffered from depression and several nervous breakdowns. Despite this, he was a tireless campaigner, and actively worked to prevent cruelty to animals, environmental damage and noise pollution. Cited as a major influence on most comedy performers who followed him, and on the roots of modern comedy itself, Spike had fans everywhere, the most famous being a certain Royal heir, and is sadly missed.

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