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The Facts of Life and DeathCrime Writers' Association award-winning author Belinda Bauer

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Suspense & Thrillers

Buried Alive

Buried Alive

by Jack Kerley
read by Stuart Milligan

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8 Audio Cassettes
Runtime: 8 hrs 45 mins
Product Code: IAB110710
ISBN: 978-1-4450-0936-0

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8 Audio CD's
Runtime: 8 hrs 45 mins
Product Code: ICD110710
ISBN: 978-1-4450-0937-7

£27.49 MP3 More information

1 MP3 CD's
Runtime: 8 hrs 45 mins
Product Code: IMP110710
ISBN: 978-1-4450-0938-4


Soon after witnessing the escape of violent psychopath Bobby Crayline from prison, Alabaman detective Carson Ryder takes a rare break in the mountains. But his vacation is interrupted when an anonymous phone call summons him to the scene of a grisly murder. With more savage killings, and the heavy-handed FBI only inflaming the situation, Ryder and the local detective Donna Cherry sift through the increasingly bizarre clues. Is there more than one killer on the loose? And how does Carson’s clinically insane brother Jeremy, now on the run, fit into the picture? It is down to Ryder to unearth horrors from the past that others believe should remain buried…


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