Useful Information

What are MP3 CDs?

MP3 is an audio file format which enables a full length unabridged audiobook to be contained on just one or two discs. We also provide the book in the ipod® compatible M4b format in the same package.

What are the benefits of MP3 CDs?

The most obvious benefit is the size. An unabridged audio book of 10 hours long can be reduced from 10 CDs to just 1 MP3 CD, saving you space and meaning no CD changes on long journeys! The MP3 format also offers easy bookmarking and quick transfer to MP3 devices.

How do I play MP3 CDs?

MP3 CDs are playable on PCs, Macs and MP3-compatible CD players, which includes many car stereos and even DVD players. All compatible CD players are easily identifiable as they have MP3 CD marked on them. The content can also be transferred to personal MP3 devices for listening on the move.

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