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The Facts of Life and DeathCrime Writers' Association award-winning author Belinda Bauer

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This Month: Belinda Bauer

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Now living in Wales, Belinda Bauer spent ten years as a child growing up in South Africa at the time when Aparteid was prevalent. She has worked as a journalist and a freelance scriptwriter for TV and film. Her script The Locker Room earned her the Carl Foreman/Bafta Award for Young British Screenwriters. Additionally, she has won two Crime Writers' Association Dagger Awards: a Gold Dagger for her first novel Blacklands, and a Dagger in the Library for Rubbernecker. Her interests include psychology, sport and all forms of gambling.

On writing crime novels:
"Crime" is a loose word in a tight niche. Crime is really the story of how lives are changed by the misdeeds of others ... So I write crime, but really I just write people.

Belinda's advice to aspiring writers:
Write until you know it's the best it could possibly be, then give it to someone who doesn't love you, to read. Then rewrite.

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