Bridge of Spies is the true story behind a three-way political swap that saw America attempt to recapture U2 spy-plane pilot Gary Powers from the Soviets, in exchange for their very own captured Russian spy, Rudolf Abel, on Berlin’s Glienicke Bridge at dawn on 10th February 1962.

Tom Hanks will play civilian lawyer James Donovan, who arranged the trade-off, alongside Austin Stowell as Gary Powers and Mark Rylance as Rudolf Abel.

The film premiered at the New York Film Festival and will be released in UK cinemas on 27th November.

Scripted by the Coen brothers and directed by Stephen Spielberg, we’re sure this Cold War thriller is destined for an Oscar, but you can also explore this fascinating historical moment with Giles Whittell’s book, read by Jonathan Keeble.

"Cold war politics are a Machiavellian minefield, but Whittell manages to untangle and elucidate it without losing any of the drama of the narrative" - The Guardian