Woodcraft, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Woodcraft grew up on a working class housing estate in Essex. She was a mod and worked in the local milk bar. She became a barrister, practising from the chambers of Michael Mansfield QC, representing Greenham Common peace campaigners, striking miners, and anti-apartheid campaigners, as well as domestic violence survivors and children who suffered abuse in and out of the home. Now she is a full time writer. She spends time in Paris, where she writes but also drinks a lot of coffee. The rest of the time she sits in her kitchen in London drinking coffee and writing. Her most recent books are set in the Sixties - mods and rockers, the music of Motown, milk bars and ban-the-bomb marches. With memories of the war and the effects of rationing still being felt, young people are tasting the freedom a little money can bring. The Saturday Girls (formerly Beyond the Beehive) was published in August 2018.

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