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Jessica Stirling - writing family sagas and historical novels for 32 years!James Runcie is the creator of the charismatic, clergyman-detective Sidney Chambers

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A Double Deception

A Double Deception

by Clive Egleton
read by Terry Wale

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12 Audio Cassettes
Runtime: 15 hrs 0 mins
Product Code: SOUNDS1759
ISBN: 1-86042-784-7

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12 Audio CD's
Runtime: 15 hrs 0 mins
Product Code: SCD1759
ISBN: 1-84283-229-8


A story of old betrayal and long-delayed revenge set against the background of the rape of Poland in 1939. The disappearance of Andrew Korwin was one tragedy among many. Twenty-five years later, sightings of Andrew Korwin by a beautiful young woman from New York, claiming to be his niece, raises questions. Why did Korwin, now a respectable businessman, change his name? Why was his partner attacked by trained assassins in Spain? And is Stefanie really the innocent, impulsive American she appears to be? The MI6 investigation must uncover the layers of the double deception that began in 1939.


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