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Death of a ScholarSusanna Gregory - writer of medieval murder mysteries and Restoration whodunits

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Romance & Sagas

Starlight and Dreams

Starlight and Dreams

by Benita Brown
read by Anne Dover

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12 Audio Cassettes
Runtime: 15 hrs 0 mins
Product Code: S4110
ISBN: 978-1-4079-1846-4

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13 Audio CD's
Runtime: 15 hrs 0 mins
Product Code: SCD4110
ISBN: 978-1-4079-1847-1

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2 MP3 CD's
Runtime: 15 hrs 0 mins
Product Code: SMP4110
ISBN: 978-1-4079-1848-8


Wanted: Glamour Girl

Growing up under the critical eye of her father and stepmother in a northern seaside town, Carol Marshall longs for freedom. The picture house is where she goes to dream. There she can be someone special. When the Palais de Danse announces a competition for a local girl to win a part in a film, Carol is persuaded by a friend to enter. To their amazement, it’s Carol the judges choose and soon she’s whisked away to London and swept up in a new world of glamour and excitement. But all that glitters is not gold. And the journey to stardom is paved with danger, loneliness and vice. Carol is poised to get everything she ever wished for. But at what price…?


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