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The Facts of Life and DeathCrime Writers' Association award-winning author Belinda Bauer

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Crime & Mystery

A Charitable End

A Charitable End

by Jessica Mann
read by Wanda McCaddon

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6 Audio Cassettes
Runtime: 7 hrs 30 mins
Product Code: IAB990311
ISBN: 0-7531-0556-X


Someone was sending the comfortable citizens of Edinburgh poison-pen letters, but the recipients thought it politic to say nothing about them. That way scandal would not break. Dilly Gossett, the French-born wife of a judge, had received one of the letters and she had blurted out the details of her husband's not so blameless life to anyone who would listen. Someone in this small, closed professional circle was undoubtedly evilly disposed. Spurred on by the apparently accidental, if oddly convenient, death of Lady Gosset, Diana Drummond began to investigate. Her discoveries led her to wonder if Lady Gosset’s death had indeed been an accident.


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