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The Way You Look TonightRichard Madeley is one half of the presenting duo along with his wife Judy Finnigan

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A Ship is Dying

A Ship is Dying

by Brian Callison
read by Peter Wickham

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6 Audio Cassettes
Runtime: 7 hrs 30 mins
Product Code: SOUNDS2682
ISBN: 1-84283-400-2


Apart from the weather it was a routine voyage for the MV Lycomedes, ploughing up the North Sea on a blisteringly windy winter’s day. True, Second Officer Fuller thought he’d seen a blip on the radar screen but when he looked himself through the binoculars, there was nothing there.
It was the Master who finally spotted it, veering like a sheer cliff out of the boiling foam – a great steel pyramid, less than 200 feet away. When the collision came, ripping a jagged gash in the ship’s bowels, the wounded Lycomedes had only 14 minutes left afloat. And 53 men began the grim struggle to survive.


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