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The Way You Look TonightRichard Madeley is one half of the presenting duo along with his wife Judy Finnigan

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Romance & Sagas

Lydia Fielding

Lydia Fielding

by Susan Sallis
read by Nicolette McKenzie

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9 Audio CD's
Runtime: 11 hrs 0 mins
Product Code: SCDS2887
ISBN: 1-84559-602-1


When Lydia celebrates her coming of age, the whole of her Exmoor village celebrated with her. Two men attract her interest that night: handsome, ambitious Gus Pascoe, who covets the land her father farmed; and Wesley Peters, brought up as a strict Methodist, whose seemingly upright religious family hides a terrible secret. Wesley wants only to protect and cherish Lydia, but when his sister becomes the scandal of the neighbourhood and is forced to marry Lydia's brother, Alan, a bitterness grows up between the two families which threatens to keep Lydia and Wesley apart forever. In despair Lydia flees to Bristol, where at last she can free herself from the tragedy and heartbreak of her past life.


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