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Death of a ScholarSusanna Gregory - writer of medieval murder mysteries and Restoration whodunits

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General Fiction

Life Skills

Life Skills

by Katie Fforde
read by Carole Boyd

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8 Audio Cassettes
Runtime: 10 hrs 55 mins
Product Code: IAB991010
ISBN: 0-7531-0609-4


A combination of overwork and jet-lag propel Julia Fairfax into becoming engaged to a golf-playing wine buff called Oscar. When she realises that she has fonder feelings for his Labrador than for Oscar himself, she confronts that fact that she needs to do something drastic. Ditching her fiancé and jacking in her job, she revolutionises her life. Her new career as hotel-boat cook is certainly a departure from the old Julia. But even afloat Julia’s past catches up with her. She must contend with the persistent Oscar, maternal matchmaking and the arrival of her childhood enemy, the enigmatic Fergus Grindly.


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