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Death of a ScholarSusanna Gregory - writer of medieval murder mysteries and Restoration whodunits

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Romance & Sagas

A Hidden Beauty

A Hidden Beauty

by Tessa Barclay
read by Anne Dover

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Runtime: 0 hrs 0 mins
Product Code: SOUNDS1547
ISBN: 1-86042-562-3


Corie Duggan is the mainstay of a stage-struck family, but she turns her back on the threatre to become a famous photographer. Her sister Beryl becomes Lynette Lee, one of the public's first TV sweethearts, but at great cost in health and emotional well-being. Misled by passion, Corie makes a mistake when she allows herself to be involved with Sasha Lenoir, her sister's ambitious and selfish agent. Lynette has innocently given her heart to Sasha so it becomes imperative that Corie ends their affair. To do so she goes abroad, thus meeting Drew Richter, an American public relations consultant.
Lynette becomes seriously ill but begs Corie to help keep it secret so that her career won't be affected. Meanwhile Corie and Drew come together for a romantic interlude in Vienna. It ends with a summons to Berlin and a tragedy at the newly built Berlin Wall. Only after a perilous journey with Drew, the man she has loved and nearly lost, does Corie find a solution to her family's problems. Free of them at last, she can plan a future with Drew . . .


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