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Death of a ScholarSusanna Gregory - writer of medieval murder mysteries and Restoration whodunits

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A Falcon for the Hawks

A Falcon for the Hawks

by Clive Egleton
read by Gordon Griffin

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6 Audio Cassettes
Runtime: 7 hrs 0 mins
Product Code: SOUNDS1444
ISBN: 1-86042-453-8

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7 Audio CD's
Runtime: 7 hrs 0 mins
Product Code: SCD1444
ISBN: 1-84283-523-8


The Zeppelin: a dinosaur of the clouds, a mighty German airship that threatened to crush the British. In March 1917 one of these giants loses its way and drifts helplessly out of control over Hertfordshire. A hair- raising campaign of dogged courage and intrepid airmanship ensues. While a small and ill-equipped British force tries to shoot down the Zeppelin, its crew are desperately al odds with each other: how can they save the aircraft or, at the least, their skins. Courage is pitted against time as the fuel gauge veers dangerously towards zero . . .


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